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August 29th, 2013
Exclaiming that the rose quartz center stone in her engagement ring is “exactly me,” Aussie actress Teresa Palmer took to Instagram to show off her unconventional new bling from actor Mark Webber.


“Just got my beautiful ring,” the 27-year-old star of Warm Bodies wrote. “Ethical diamonds in a rose gold band, with a rose quartz crystal — stone of the heart. Exactly me.”


Although rose quartz is very rarely seen in bridal jewelry, the symbolism behind the 33-year-old Webber’s gemstone choice is undeniable. Rose quartz is known as the “Love Stone,” and many people believe it is a high-energy mineral that has the power to shower a relationship in unconditional love.

Webber’s proposal took place in early August on the set of the couple’s new movie, The Ever After. At the time of the proposal, the rose quartz ring was still being sized, so Webber cleverly improvised by using the sterling silver ring that his character gives to her character in the movie.


Palmer accepted the faux ring happily and wore the studio prop until her actual engagement ring was ready. Palmer’s rose quartz ring finally arrived this past Saturday, three weeks after the proposal.

Despite its beauty and romantic symbolism, few jewelers would recommend rose quartz as a center stone for an engagement ring. With a rating of "7" on the Mohs hardness scale, rose quartz could have trouble withstanding the wear and tear of daily use. Over time it could get scratched and look dull. Diamonds, by comparison, get a top Mohs rating of 10, while rubies and sapphires have a hardness of 9.


Palmer and Webber met on Twitter last September and had been dating ever since. “I looked him up after I saw the trailer for his film End of Love and realized we had so much in common,” Palmer told an Aussie publication. “There were lots of emails going back and forth... they were like old-fashioned love letters in a way.”